Saturday, 5 May 2012

Entry: ascapartic (adj.)

In context: "About all Orin's doubles partner - who as a strabismic was something of an expert on female unattainability - felt he could do was warn O. that this was the kind of hideously attractive girl you just knew in advance did not associate with normal collegiate human males, and clearly attended B.U.-Athletic social functions only out of a sort of bland scientific interested while she waited for the cleft-chinned ascapartic male-model-looking wildly-successful-in-business adult male she double was involved with to telephone her from the back seat of his green stretch Infiniti, etc."

Definition: From Wikipedia, where Infinite Jest gets a mention:

Ascupart was a legendary giant, in legend conquered by Bevis of Hampton, though so huge as to carry Bevis, his wife, and horse under his arm. Ascapart was defeated after his club (made from a whole tree) was swung at Sir Bevis and became stuck in soft ground. Rather than slaying the giant however, Sir Bevis decided to make him his Squire.


SNOOT score: 1

Source: Wikipedia

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