Sunday, 20 May 2012

Entry: eustacian (adj.)

In context: "Schacht was just looping the d in mail fraud when Jim Troeltsch's pseudo-radio program, backed by its eustacian-crumpling operatic soundtrack, came over 112 West House's E.T.A.-intercom speaker up over the classroom clock."

Definition: Neologism.  Maybe DFW means eustachian (adj.):

Used as the distinctive epithet in the names of certain anatomical structures or organs which were discovered by Eustachius. †Eustachian medulla: the medullary portion of the kidneys. Eustachian tube (occas. Eustachian canal): a canal leading from the upper part of the pharynx to the cavity of the tympanum, which it appears to supply with air; hence Eustachian catheter, an instrument for inflating the Eustachian tube with air. Eustachian valve: a membranous fold at the orifice of the vena cava inferior, which in the fÅ“tus directs the current of blood from this vessel to the foramen ovale and left auricle.


SNOOT score: 1
Page:  308

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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