Thursday, 31 May 2012

Entry: solecistic (adj.)

In context: See previous.

Definition: Of the nature of or involving solecism:

a. In speech or diction
b. In thought or conduct.

Okay, and solecisim (n.):

An impropriety or irregularity in speech or diction; a violation of the rules of grammar or syntax; properly, a faulty concord.

Other: I don't have the review handy, but here is a relevant anecdote from The Monthly:

In a book review, ‘Authority and American Usage', Wallace revealed that his mother, Sally, used to fake a coughing fit if one of her two children uttered a solecism at dinner, and would continue to splutter and choke until Wallace or his younger sister, Amy, figured out and corrected their mistake. While it was a light-hearted game, Wallace wrote that he was slightly chilled by the idea of children being brought up to think that a linguistic error might deprive their mother of oxygen.

SNOOT score: 3
Page: 1014

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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