Sunday, 27 May 2012

Entry: seraphic (adj.)

In context: "'Time.  Yo.  I think you meant seraphic.  I also think you meant lascivious and mesmerized.'"

Definition: 1. Of or pertaining to the seraphim.

seraphim (n.):

1. In Biblical use: The living creatures with six wings, hands and feet, and a (presumably) human voice, seen in Isaiah's vision as hovering above the throne of God.

2. By Christian interpreters the seraphim were from an early period supposed to be a class of angels, and the name, associated with that of the cherubim, was introduced in the Eucharistic preface and subsequently in the Te Deum, and thus became extensively known. The presumed derivation of the word from a Hebrew root meaning ‘to burn’ (see above) led to the view that the seraphim are specially distinguished by fervour of love (while the cherubim excel in knowledge), and to the symbolic use of red as the colour appropriate to the seraphim in artistic representations. In the system of the Pseudo-Dionysius, the chief source of later angelology, the seraphim are the highest, and the cherubim the second, of the nine orders of angels.


Speaker is correcting 'salivious' and 'hypnotized'.

lascivious (n.): Inclined to lust, lewd, wanton.

There isn't really a field of angelology, right? 

SNOOT score: 2
Page: 1008

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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