Sunday, 20 May 2012

Entry: grange (n.)

In context: See previous.

Definition: I'm confused by this one, as none of the definitions make sense:

1. A repository for grain; a granary, barn. arch.

a. An establishment where farming is carried on; †also, rarely, a group of such places, a village (obs.). Now applied to: A country house with farm buildings attached, usually the residence of a gentleman-farmer.

b. esp. Hist. An outlying farm-house with barns, etc. belonging to a religious establishment or a feudal lord, where crops and tithes in kind were stored.

†3. A country house. Obs.

†4. fig. in various senses. Obs.

5. U.S. A lodge or local branch of the order of ‘Patrons of Husbandry’, an association for the promotion of the interests of agriculture.

Other: Maybe ZZ Top can shed some light on this vexing issue.

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Source: Oxford English Dictionary, YouTube   

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