Thursday, 17 May 2012

Entry: Zuckung (n.)


In context: "His legs were the size his comely arms had been, before Withdrawl.  He was haunted by the word Zuckung, a foreign and possibly yiddish word he did not recall ever before hearing."

Definition: From the first translation I could find online:

Zu•ckung      f   , -, -en   (=nervöse Zuckung)   twitch 
[+von Muskeln auch]   spasm 
[+von Augenlidern auch]   flutter  ,   (stärker, krampfhaft)    convulsion
[+von sterbendem Tier]   convulsive movement 
die letzten Zuckungen        (lit, fig)   the death throes  


SNOOT score:1

Page: 303
Source: Reverso

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