Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Entry: aurocopia (n.)

In context: "Soon after he started watching the clips of his junior year, Orin had blasted up Comm.'s hill and brought Joelle back a Bolex-compatible Tatsuoka recorder w/ sync pulse, a cardioid mike, a low-end tripod w/ a barney to muffle the Bolex's whir, a class Pilotone blooper and sync-pulse cords, a whole auracopia."

Definition: Neologism, but I would guess from aural (adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to the organ of hearing.  2. Received or perceived by the ear.


copia (n.): Plenty, a plentiful supply: now chiefly in the Latin phrase copia verborum abundance of words, a copious vocabulary. Cf. copy n. 1c.


SNOOT score: 1 (I do kind of like this one, but have developed a sort of practice of giving the neologisms 1s, though this one is tempting to rate higher.)

Page: 298
Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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