Thursday, 3 May 2012

Entry: sedulous (adj.)

In context: "...Orin might just be harboring a resentment over C.T. moving into the Headmaster's office and changing the door's 'TE OCCIDERE POSSUNT...' before Himself's microwaved head had even cooled, even if it was to take over a Headmaster's job that had been positively keening to have someone sedulous and brisk take over.

Definition: Of persons or agents: Diligent, active, constant in application to the matter in hand; assiduous, persistent.

Other: Not that it makes sense in context here, but I had always thought sedulous had connotations of dishonesty or treachery or malevolence.  Probably I was confusing it with seditious

SNOOT score: 2

Page: 286
Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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