Friday, 25 May 2012

Entry: unperspicuous (adj.)

In context: "Through the verdict rendered was no worse than a rather unperspicuous "Normal to Upper-normal" (sic), the penultimate modifier has caused, as you might anticipate, much pacing and high-decibel whingeing, as well as vows of eternal xerography from here on out."

Definition: Here Avril might mean: 

(Note: these definitions are for perspicuous (adj.))

1. a. Easily understood; clearly expressed; lucid.


†2. a. Conspicuous in rank or merit; eminent, distinguished. Obs. (rare after 17th cent.).

Other: Keep in mind this is still a letter from Avril to 'Filbert' (Orin)

SNOOT score: 3
Page: 1006

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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