Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Entry: factota (n.)

In context: "Orin was still just only lobbing, Schtitt observed, illustrating with the pointer and a multiple-replayed fourth down, but now with the leg instead, the only punting, and now with ten armored and testosterone-flushed factota to deal with what ever return an opponent could muster..."

Definition: Can't find it, but I did spot one quotation where the word was linked to factotum (a favorite of mine), though I'm not entirely sure it makes sense.

factotum (n.): †a. In Latin phrases: Dominus factotum, used for ‘one who controls everything’, a ruler with uncontrolled power; Johannes factotum, a Jack of all trades, a would-be universal genius. Also fig.

†b. One who meddles with everything, a busybody.

c. In mod. sense: A man of all-work; also, a servant who has the entire management of his master's affairs. 

Other: Factotum is also the name of a work by Charles Bukowski and quite a nice movie, too.  One of my favorite scenes is there, though I'll keep the exact details a surprise.  Here's the trailer.

SNOOT score: 1

Page: 293
Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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