Saturday, 26 May 2012

Entry: maunder (v.)

In context: "My, this machine does let one maunder on."

Definition: Idle, incoherent, or rambling talk or writing; an instance of this.

but also

a. intr. To talk in a dreamy, rambling, or incoherent manner; to ramble or wander in one's talk. Freq. with away, on. Cf. dander v. 2a.

1. intr. To grumble, mutter, moan. Now regional.

a. intr. To move or act in a dreamy, idle, or purposeless manner; to dawdle. Freq. with along, away, over. Cf. dander v. 1.

Other: Definitely a word I recognize from Scrabble study (also UNARMED, MANURED, and DURAMEN)

SNOOT score: 2
Page: 1006

Source: Oxford English Dictionary   

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